Auber PID Temperature Control Retrofit KIT for Rancilio Silvia with both Coffee & Steam Control

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This PID controller kit has all the features of our other listing titled "PID temperature control kit for Rancilio Silvia"with the addition of steam temperature control. The steam temperature and water brewing temperature are controlled by the same controller. For the user, operating this controller is the same as operating the regular machine; no extra button is needed to press for frothing. When the steam switch is turned on, the on/off temperature of the heater is controlled to 1 degree (F or C) difference compared to the original thermostat's >10C (or 20F) difference. With this tight temperature control, you will not have to surf the temperature for frothing because the heater will kick on much sooner than the original thermostat.  The user can also adjust the on’off temperature. 

This kit fits all Silvia models, including the 2009 V3. However, if you have a model made between 2000 and July 2006, we can supply the kit with a screw type RTD sensor for better performance. To obtain the screw type RTD sensor, please select the "Screw RTD" at the top of the page.

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