IlFornino Pizza Ovens at Cerini Coffee & Gifts

4th Oct 2018

Come visit ilFornino at Cerini Coffee and Gifts while visiting the first Annual Pizza Festival on October 6 and 7, 2018 of Columbus Day weekend on the famous Arthur Avenue in the "Little Italy of the … read more

Is the Cremina 67 steam tip removable?

Posted by johnny on 10th Mar 2017

Question from Hal (customer). Is the steam tip on a Cremina 67 built in 1986 removable and are other tip configurations available? 

Olympia Maximatic Pump Pressure (older)

Posted by Johnny on 7th Mar 2017

Question from David (customer): Does the Maximatic have an OPV valve? If not, what regulates pump pressure, what pressure should I expect then? Is there a way to modify it so as to be able t … read more

Olympia Safety Valve Leaking

25th Sep 2016

Is your Olympia Safety Valve leaking? There's a few reason why this may happen.  The pressure in the boiler is set to high and the valve is releasing the additional pressure for your protec … read more