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Is the Cremina 67 steam tip removable?

Posted by johnny on

Question from Hal (customer). 

Is the steam tip on a Cremina 67 built in 1986 removable and are other tip configurations available? 

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Olympia Maximatic Pump Pressure (older)

Question from David (customer): Does the Maximatic have an OPV valve? If not, what regulates pump pressure, what pressure should I expect then? Is there a way to modify it so as to be able to adjust pressure. I haven’t checked mine, I don’t currently own a pressure gauge. But I’m considering getting one. I’d like to [...]

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Olympia Safety Valve Leaking

Is your Olympia Safety Valve leaking? There's a few reason why this may happen.  The pressure in the boiler is set to high and the valve is releasing the additional pressure for your protection. The pressure may be too high due to a bad pressurestat. Test your pressure to make sure it's correct. We recommend a pressure [...]

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Cleaning the Group on a Olympia Cremina 67 and Newer

Cleaning the group Best practice is to keep it clean as you use it to prevent coffee oils from building up, so you won't have to take the group apart too often. Taking the group apart can be done, but make sure you don't damage during the process.  You can also remove just the shower screen.Doing this [...]

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Instructions for descaling an Olympia Maximatic.

Descale your machine regularly, depending on the hardness of your water 1 to 2 times per year. Only use a commercially available liquid de-calcifying solution in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.Please do not use acetic acid nor white vinegar!Instruction Maximatic  Start with the fresh water cycle: Pour the descaling liquid into the removable fresh water tank of [...]

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Olympia Cremina does not steam?

If your Olympia Express is not steaming when you open the steam knob, but the coffee is hot and the group (coffee) is hot.Check the steam tipRemove it by unscrewing the tip If the tip does not come off, remove the wand completely by unscrewing the nut at the top of the wand. With the wand off, [...]

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Saeco Error 5 E05

If you receive an error 5 on a Saeco Espresso machine it means that the flow meter and CPU cannot see any water moving through the machine. First thing to try is restarting the machine 5-10 times. Make sure if you are using a water filter in the water tank remove it.Depending on what model you have [...]

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Instructions for Descaling a Olympia Cremina

Descale your machine regularly, depending on the hardness of your water 1 to 2 times per year. Only use a commercially available liquid de-calcifying solution in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Please do not use acetic acid nor white vinegar!Dezcal Descaler Recommended   Open the boiler top of your Cremina. Empty the boiler water. Pour in  the liquid descaling agent into [...]

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Need to Replace Eaton CP1 Pump?

Question:I need to replace the pump on my Gaggia Brevetti, which is a lot like the Gaggia Classic. The pump is an Eaton CP1. I am attaching a picture. There seem to be several very similar Ulka pumps, but I don’t know which is right for this. The inlet has a [...]

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Gaggia Syncrony Compact Water Tank Leaks When Removed from Machine.

Question:I own a Gaggia Syncrony Compact machine. My water tank is leaking at the valve. It appears to operate fine while in the machine. When I remove the tank to refill at the sink there is a slow drip from the valve.Answer:First try descaling the machine, because limescale could block the valve from closing all [...]

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