Need to Replace Eaton CP1 Pump?

Posted by Johnny Cerini on 2nd Jan 2016

Question:I need to replace the pump on my Gaggia Brevetti, which is a lot like the Gaggia Classic. The pump is an Eaton CP1. I am attaching a picture. There seem to be several very similar Ulka pum … read more

How to Use & Clean a Bialetti Moka Express?

3rd Dec 2015

before first useRemove all labels and packaging.Hand wash all parts with warm water.Rinse all parts thoroughly to remove any soap residue.Make 2-3 pots of coffee to season the pot. Follow to use instr … read more

Grinder Adjustment for Saeco Idea

3rd Nov 2015

12.10 Grind adjustmentWhatever the coffee blend is, a very fine grinding (notchon low values) increases the density, the cream quantityand the brewing time of the beverage. On the contrary acoarse gri … read more