Descaling Saeco xsmall

24th Oct 2015

DESCALING THE MACHINELimescale normally builds up with the use of the appliance. Descaling should be performed every 1-2months, or when indicated by the machine.Please use Saeco descaling solutio … read more

Meet Olympia Express at Ferragosto 2015

7th Sep 2015

Please join us at Ferragosto 2015 Sunday, September 13th with Thomas Sch├Ątti President of Olympia Express SA. He is looking forward to introducing the new Moca grinder and offering a pe … read more

Do I have to use the manufacturer descaler?

30th Aug 2015

Many manufacturers of espresso machines want you to believe that their descaler is the only compatible one for their brand. This is not true.  Hard to say how good their descaler is, but they wan … read more