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Olympia Cremina Bottomless Portafilter - 380411 - 49mm (Free 2nd Day Shipping)

Olympia Cremina Bottomless Portafilter - 380411 - 49mm (Free 2nd Day Shipping)

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  • This OEM portafilter fits newer and older machines.
    • Olympia Cremina New
    • Olympia Cremina 2002
    • Olympia Cremina 67
    • Olympia Club
    • Olympia Maximatic 49mm Group

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Ask a Question
  • Does this portafilter come with baskets as well?

    Yes, we include a 2 cup basket with the portafilters.

  • Can you put a larger basket in the bottomless compared to the stock portafilter? If so, which basket and how much more coffee would it hold compared to the stock basket? Thanks!

    Both handles accept the same size baskets.  
    We are looking into deeper baskets that would fit the handles correctly. We should be offering them soon.

  • Ahhhh... I see. So you can get an unobstructed view of how the shot is pouring, seeing if need to adjust the grind or amount of coffee, etc?

    Thanks Correct. Seeing the shot will help dial it in.  If it comes out fast and splashes everywhere will tell you to go finer on the grind size.

  • How is the bottomless portafilter used? What do you use it for?

    Used the same way you would use a normal portafilter.   The only difference is there is no spout or bottom. The coffee will fall from directly from the filter basket to the cup.