Farberware PERCOLATOR CORD / 3 Pin w notch - LJ40899

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3 terminal cord that fits newer style Farberware series models starting with FCP.

Only fits units that have 3 pin connections. These cords are 36" long and have the cutout notch on the flat side. This cord will fit both styles of 3 pin Farberware percolators weather they have the cutout notch or not. 

Farberware Coffee Percolator 3 Prong Grounded Power Cord Farberware Models: FCP-240, FCP-240A, FCP-240B, FCP-240G, FCP-280, FCP-280A, FCP-280B, FCP-412, PK-1200SS, FCP240, FCP240A, FCP240B, FCP240G, FCP280, FCP280A, FCP280B, FCP412, PK1200SS

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