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Cleaning the Grinder on a Saeco Royal or Magic

If you are having issues grinding coffee or you accidentally dropped water in your saeco espr

esso machine, you should first try cleaning the grinder before servicing your machine.

It's worth a shot. Worse case you will have to bring it to a service center anyway.

Grinder Tip: Using an oily bean will cause the coffee to build up quickly and clog the grinder.Cleaning the Grinder Magics & Royals Before beginning to clean the grinder please be sure to turn the machine off and unplug it from the wall socket.

Saeco recommends using a medium to dark colored bean that is not oily.After cleaning the grinder and then brewing a cup of coffee it may take 2-3 grinding cycles for the machine to dispense coffee.


Remove all beans from the bean hopper, vacuum out any beans that cannot be scooped out by hand. Remove the 2 screws in the bean hopper container. (Place screws in a safe place so they will no be lost.) Remove the bean hopper container from the machine.

Step 1: Remove the black rubber gasket (Fig. 1). Remove the coffee grinder adjustment lever (Fig. 2) by placing index finger underneath the neck of the lever and gently lifting straight up. (There are 2 plastic tabs holding the lever to the outer ring, be sure not to use excessive force when removing the lever as the tabs may break.) Turn the outer ring counter clockwise until the two blue lines are aligned and lift the center burr ring out of the grinder assembly (Fig. 3).

Step 2: Vacuum out any residual grinds from inside the grinder and clean the grinder burrs (Fig. 4) using the cleaning brush. Clean out the grinder coffee chute using the end of the cleaning brush (Fig. 5).

Open the side service door, remove the dregdrawer and brew group. Gently pull down the coffee doser door inside the machine and brush out any ground coffee that may be inside the chute (Fig. 6).

Reassembly: Place the inner burr ring back inside the outer ring, making sure that the red dot lines up with the blue dot or that the blue dot is 90º from the opening of the ground coffee chute (Fig. 7). Then turn the outer ring clockwise until the red dots are aligned (Fig. 8). Place the black rubber gasket back onto the inner burr ring. Place the coffee grinder adjustment lever back onto the outer ring, lining up the lever with the #4 on the outside do the machine. (The outer ring has little holes that the lever should press down onto and snap into place.) Press the lever down firmly onto the outer ring until it snaps into place (Fig. 9). Place the bean hopper container back onto the machine and replace the two screws.


If your grinder burrs are damaged or worn, please visit our grinder burr product page >>.