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Descaling the Gaggia Brera  (automatic mode)

Descaling the Gaggia Brera (automatic mode)

Some of you may be wondering why you 

cannot clear the descaling light when manual descaling your Gaggia Brera. Don't worry you are not alone.. 

The Manual that comes with the machine is incorrect. Please follow the directions below to properly descale your espresso machine. 

Newer models of the Gaggia Brera now have an automatic descaling cycle-unfortunately, the only way to tell right now is if you follow the instructions in the manual and the descaling signal does not clear by holding and pressing the aroma setting button once you have completed the descaling cycle. It does take about an hour, in which you will need to be with the machine. 

The new process is as follows:

  1. Empty the drip tray and dreg drawer, and then put a large cup under both the brew spout and the steam spout.
  1. From Stand-By mode (with the red light flashing): press and hold the small and large coffee sizes at the same time. This will flash the triangle symbol, and then the one bean light will be solid on while the descaling light will flash, indicating phase 1.
  2. A small amount of water will dispense from the group head. It will sit for a full minute, and then dispense more. It does drip during the process. It will repeat until the tank is approximately half empty.
  3. Once the signals on the screen change to the hot water symbol and the flashing triangle, turn the selector dial to the hot water function (to the right). The water dispensing process will continue.
  4. The screen will change to having the two bean symbol display solidly on the screen (indicating phase 2), two cups (small and large) and the descaling symbol flashing-close the selector knob. The water tank symbol will display-refill the water tank with clean, fresh water. Empty the vessels under the steam arm and brew spouts, and then replace them.
  5. The priming symbol (triangle and small cup symbol) will appear-prime the machine, then close it as normal for the priming process once the symbols change to a triangle and two cups. Water will then dispense rapidly from the group head.
  6. Halfway through the rinse phase, the machine will display the hot water symbol on the screen-turn the selector dial to the hot water function. It may ask you to refill during this phase-just close the knob, refill the tank, and then proceed.
  7. Once the rinse phase is completed, the descaling symbol will disappear, and the machine will return to stand-by mode.