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Grinder Adjustment for Saeco Idea

12.10 Grind adjustment

Whatever the coffee blend is, a very fine grinding (notch

on low values) increases the density, the cream quantity

and the brewing time of the beverage. On the contrary a

coarse grinding (notch on high values) decreases the

density, the cream, as well as the brewing time.

Do not turn the knob counterclockwise to the limit stop

(19 - F. 14); this action causes the grinders tightening

and the consequent machine block.

If any foreign body in the coffee blend should cause the

block of grinders and the subsequent block of the

machine(on display: “GRINDER ERROR”), refer to an

Authorized Customer Service Center.

NOTE - The grinding is preset by the Manufacturer on standard

values, but it can be adjusted in the following way:

  • Open the door (15 - F. 14), turn the knob (19 - F. 14)
  • anticlockwise to obtain a finer grinding (the notch moves onto

    lower values), and clockwise to obtain a coarser grinding (the

    notch moves onto higher values).