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Grinder Cleaning on Saeco Vienna – Spidem Villa – Spidem Trevi


Make sure the machine is turned off and unplugged.

  • Removal: Remove all beans from the bean hopper. Vacuum out all beans, that can't be cooped out.
  • Remove 2 Phillips head screws from bean container, and lift the bean hopper out of machine. Note that the rear screw is longer than the front screw. Vacuum out additional beans / grinds from the grinder area.

  • Remove black round rubber gasket that is underneath the hopper (Fig. 1). Rotate the outer ring of the grinder counter-clockwise until the red line is at the 12 o’clock position as viewed from the front of the machine, or until the red line on outer ring is 180 degree on the opposite from red line on inner burr ring. (Fig. 2 & 3). Fig. A shows the over view of the top of the grinder.

  • Lift the inner burr ring (where the gasket sat on) out of the assembly (Fig. 4). After remove inner burr ring out of the assembly, grinder is going look like in (Fig. 5
  • Cleaning: At this point clean out any grinds in the grinder chamber. Do this by using the cleaning brush provided with machine to clean the burrs off. Then vacuum out all fine grinds until the chamber is completely clean. Don’t forget to clean doser channel. This may be clogged by fine grinds coffee. Make sure you clean the inner burr ring that you removed.
  • Re – Assembling: Make sure the red line on the outer ring is still at the 12 o’clock position (Fig. 5). Place the inner burr ring back into the grinder making sure the red line on the inner burr ring is at the 6 o’clock position or 180 degree on the opposite from the red line on the outer ring. (Fig. 3). Now that inner burr ring is in place, rotate the outer ring clockwise until it will not turn any further. The red line on outer ring located on 12 o’clock position will stop at 6 o’clock position. At this time the two red lines should be aligned. The grinder is now at the “0” position (Fig. 2). Replace black round rubber gasket. (Fig. A). Next, take the bean hopper and rotate the grinder adjustment wheel to Zero (0) (Fig. 6) and the doser adjustment wheel to minus symbol (-) (Fig. 7 Only for Vienna digital & Vienna Deluxe Rapid Steam). 
  • Reinstall the bean hopper making sure to use the LONG screw in the back and the shorter screw in the front. Rotate each adjusting knob through the full range of motion. The grinder knob should rotate from (o) to (18) and back, and the doser knob from Minus (-) to Plus (+) and back. Once you have checked both knobs, place the grinder knob at eight (8) position (Fig. 8) and place doser knob to the halfway point between the Plus (+) and the Minus (-) symbol (Fig. 9). Start with # 8 position and adjust as necessary to get the desired grind. Always allow 2 or 3 cycles before reevaluating the grind setting.