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Olympia Cremina does not steam?

If your Olympia Express is not steaming when you open the steam knob, but the coffee is hot and the group (coffee) is hot.

Olympia Cremina

  • Check the steam tip
    • Remove it by unscrewing the tip
      • If the tip does not come off, remove the wand completely by unscrewing the nut at the top of the wand. 
  • With the wand off, try to open the steam knob. 
    • If steam comes out with the wand off the machine, it means the wand is clogged with milk. 
  • If not steam when opening the knob with wand off
    • Machine is not hot enough

If the wand is clogged with milk, soak the wand in water for a little while until the milk becomes soft, then proceed to cleaning out the tip. 

Note: While testing the above the machine needs to be plugged in and ready for use.

  • Please remember to be careful, as you are dealing with steam temperatures.