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Philips Saeco Gaggia Adapting System (SAS)

Philips Saeco Adapting System (SAS) was a new system applied on BMW automatic coffee machines in 2007. SAS

Operation: This automatically adjusts the dosage/Aroma until a proper espresso has been achieved. The SAS system software is not installed on all BMW machines. It has started from a certain serial number as is shown below:

Software updated on: Saeco Odea Go S/N: 9007SA40262950; Production date: 07/13/07 Saeco Odea Giro S/N: 9007SA40265737; Production date: 07/13/07 Saeco  Talea Giro S/N: 9007SA40273990; Production date: 07/13/07 Saeco Talea Ring plus S/N: 9007SA40202280; Production date: 05/28/07 Saeco Talea Touch S/N: 9007SA40203298; Production date: 05/31/07

Pre SAS, dosage/Aroma must be adjusted by Service Center.

All Saeco Incanto Deluxe models did not have the SAS.. For more information regarding adjusting your incanto deluxe please click here.

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