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Programming Doser on Saeco Incanto Classic

Does your machine dump dry grounds and not complete the cycle? 

Sometimes Incanto Classics with Ceramic grinders will grind too much coffee, and it does not fit in the brew unit. To correct this you will need to follow the directions below. 

Before changing the setting below try changing the grind size on the grinder. On this machine grind size and grind amount are related. So if you grind larger you will also grind more coffee. So changing the grind to a small grind will also help this issue by grinding less coffee.  

If changing the grind setting does not work continue with change the doser setting below. 

How to go in test mode on Incanto classic:

Switch off the machine and close the steam. Switch on the machine keeping pushed the key 2 (coffee) and

key 4 (steam / hot water).

How to change the coffee dose:

With open steam knob, pushing the small coffee button, you can visualize the setting concerning the

number of impulses of the coffee grinder. Still with open steam knob, you can change the values pushing

the coffee button. The new setting can be seen through the lighting leds as on the below table: