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Removing a jammed brew group on a Saeco Magic or Royal


If you ever find yourself in need of removing a Brew Group, that has become jammed. This will assist you in doing so correctly

At times the gears in the brew drive assembly will not complete the cycle to the proper start position. for different reasons. Some of the reasons are: • Brew group jammed or blocked • Either one of the micro switches in the brew drive have gone bad. • Brew drive motor Failure. • Broken teeth on either of the brew drive gears. • Dirty brew group, covered by coffee grinds. • Brew group or gears not lubricated. • Connections to the board from brew drive assy., or motor have gone bad. A jammed or blocked brew group happens when the brew group starts the cycle but doesn’t finish it. The brew group stops in the up position. At this point don’t try to remove and or force the brew group, as you will damage or break the brew group or the boiler valve housing.

To fix this problem follow these simple steps:

Using a #1 Philips screwdriver, remove the screw that holds the small coupling water inlet to the brew group. Now the brew group is free to come out as shown in (Pictures C) Remove the brew group by pressing down on the part that says “Press” as shown in (Picture D) With the brew group out, remove the small coupling water inlet as it is shown in (Picture E) and reinstall it on brew group as it was before. Note that the brew drive shaft is not in the correct position (Picture F).

The gears will have to be reset to the start position. To do this you will have to bypass the three micro-switches (Brew Group, Dump Box and the Door switch). After doing so you can then turn the machine ON. Like in (Picture G)(This show the Magic and Royal Line of machines). The same will work for the Vienna lines too. The switches will be in a different location. But they should be easy to find. At this time the gears will begin moving until they return to the correct start position and then stop as is shown in (Picture H). At this point remove the bypasses done earlier. Reinstall brew group. If the gears do not return to the correct position after bypassing the switches, please contact SAECO USA to arrange to have the machine brought in for repair.

If you brew unit is damaged or worn you should consider replacing it.