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Saeco Incanto Deluxe dumping dry grounds in dump box and not producing coffee?

The reason this happens is because the brew unit has either too much coffee or the grind size is too big. The brew unit 

cannot compress the coffee so it throws it out.

  1. Grind Size: The coffee grinder is not grinding properly due to incorrect grinder adjustment. 
    • Check to see if your grind is very coarse.  Your grind should look like table sugar in size. If it looks much bigger than that, try lowering to a finer grind.
  2. Grind Amount or Dose:
    • Try this only after checking your grind size first.
    • Check your aroma setting in the menu.  Aroma Small coffee, Aroma coffee, and aroma large coffee setting.
      • Set all 3 setting to normal.
        • After changing the setting please check to see if the machine now works. If it continues to have issues, please proceed to step 3.
  3. Re-Programing the doser in program mode.
  4. How to go in test mode:
      •  Turn the Machine off or put it in stand-by mode
      •  Push Button large coffee + hot water at the same time and turn on the main switch, or “menu” from stand-by.
    • Test functions (dose setting):
      • The Pre-ground button will change your dose setting. 4 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.  The setting number is located on the top right side of the screen. 
        • If your setting is set to four, try changing to 3, save and test machine.
        • If it still does not work, change again, and test again.
      • Hot water button will save your changes.