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Saeco Italia Grinder Cleaning Instructions

  1. Make sure the machine is turned off & unplugged.
  2. Remove all beans from the bean hopper. Vacuum out all beans that can't be scooped out.
  3. Remove 3 Phillips head screws from bean hopper, and lift the bean hopper out of machine. 
  4. Remove black soft rubber gasket that is underneath the hopper. (Fig. A) On Fig. B Outer ring is on all away locked position, or at 3 o'clock position the two red lines should be aligned on this position underneath the doser adjustment lever. Rotate the outer ring of the grinder (Fig. B) counter-clockwise until the red line is at the 9 o'clock position as viewed from the front of the machine. (Fig. C). Lift the inner burr ring (where the gasket sat) out of the assembly (Fig. D). You may have to press slightly on the doser adjustment lever, so the upper (Inner ring) burr ring will be clear to be removed. (Grinder is going look like on Fig.E).
  5. Cleaning - At this point clean out any grinds in the grinder chamber. Do this by using the cleaning brush that came with the machine to clean the burrs, then vacuum out all fine grinds until the chamber is completely clean. Don’t forget to clean the doser channel which might be clogged by fine grinds coffee. Make sure you also clean the upper burr ring that you removed.
  6. Reassembling - Make sure the red line on the outer ring is still at the 9 o'clock position. Place the upper burr back into the grinder making sure the red line (on the upper burr) is at the 3 o'clock position. This will ensure proper alignment of the other tabs as well. During re-installation, you may have to press slightly on the doser adjustment gear so the upper burr will clear it as you are putting it back in.
  7. Now that the burr is in place, rotate the outer ring clockwise until it stops. The two red lines should be aligned at the 3 o'clock position underneath the doser adjustment gear. Now put the soft rubber gasket back on the upper burr. The fins help to align it properly. After that is done, slide the doser adjustment gear toward the front of the machine until it stops. Next, take the bean hopper and rotate the grinder adjustment wheel to Zero (0), and the doser adjustment wheel to minus symbol (-). Place the bean hopper back into position on the machine. You may have to slightly adjust each adjustment wheel as you are placing it down in the machine.
  8. Once completely in place put the 3 screws in place that hold the hopper to the machine. Test each adjustment wheel through the full range of motion. The grinder should rotate from 0 to 18 and back, and the doser from Minus (-) to Plus (+) and back. Once you have checked the adjustment wheels, place the grinder adjustment at the eight (8) positions and place the doser adjustment to the halfway point between the Plus (+), and the Minus (-) symbol. This will put the machine back to the configuration originally specified from the factory. When using for the first time after adjusting the grinder, it may take a few grind cycles to make the first cup of coffee.

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