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Saeco Syntia - Ventilate Error on Screen

Ventilate error - Need to prime?

The icon in Figure 1 indicates the machine needs to be primed(ventilated). Running water through the hot water wand is the only way to prime this machine.

Place a container under the steam wand and turn the knob on the front of the machine to hot water selection. This will start the ventilation process.

At this point water should be running through the wand and the message should clear within 5-10 seconds.

If the icon goes away the machine is now ready for use again.

If the message continues to come back after clearing you may need service. For service contact us at 718-584-6120 or email

Other things to try:

  • If the ventilate error appears after you push the coffee button then check your brew unit or grind size.  
    • First check to see if your brew unit needs cleaning.  If the brew unit has coffee all over it, please clean it by running under hot water.  Make sure the brew unit is dry before placing it back in the machine.
    • Grinder Adjustment: See if the coffee is grinding super fine or too fine for water to pass through. Look at the coffee in the dump box.. Coffee grounds should look like table sugar in size more or less. If you need to adjust your grinder please see the manual for more information.

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