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Using Oily Coffee in Super-Automatic Machines | Saeco & Gaggia

It is not recommended that you use oily coffee beans in your Saeco Super-Automatic Espresso Machines.Dark Oliy Beans

In most cases very oily coffees are also very dark in color. Dark beans are much softer than lighter beans, and tend to grind super fine in small grinders in general. We recommend you stick with medium to dark roasts, and not super dark oily roasts.

In some cases Dark beans can work fine in machines for years, and we have seen this done.. But for the most part they cause grinders to stop grinding.

Another good thing about using non oily medium-dark roasts is that you will have more control over your grind size when adjusting.

When you make a change with a lighter roast it doesn't change by as much as with darker roasts.. This will give you a bigger range and will allow you to find that perfect grind size.

If you are looking for some beans, please check out our espresso beans page.  Most italian espresso beans have no oil to some oil. Some oil is okay.

Storing your beans

Also, the way you store your beans is also very important.  If you are putting your beans in the freezer, please make sure you bring the beans back down to room temperature before placing them in your grinder.  Frozen beans are like rocks and placing them in your grinder frozen can damage the grinder, or wear the grinder burrs.

You should store your beans in small airtight containers.  When you are done with one container to move to the next. This way you are only opening 1 container at a time, and the rest of the containers will remain fresh.

No need to remove the coffee beans from the original sealed bags unless you are ready to use. Store extra bags in a cool place. Coffee beans in sealed bags should last 2 years. We recommend you use coffee by 1 year from the date it was roasted.