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Auber PID Retrofit KIT for Rancilio Silvia w/ pre-infusion - KIT-RSPb

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Product update: This kit is compatible with ALL Silvia versions, including the latest V4 and V5 (E or M) version.

This PID controller kit has all the features of our other listings titled "PID temperature control kit for Rancilio Silvia", with the addition of steam temperature control and an extraction timer that can be programmed with the pre-infusion function.

The pre-infusion is achieved by pumping a small amount of water into the coffee, holding off the pump for a second to let the water soak in, then starting the 25 seconds of pumping. This will prevent high pressure water making contact with the dry coffee powder that can create a fast flow channel, ruining the brewing process. It will improve the consistency of the brewing even if the coffee wasn’t perfectly tamped. The extraction timer contains three segments: pre-infusion pulse (Tp), soak (Td), and brew (Tb). Each segment can be set by the user with a0.1 second resolution. When the ">" key is pressed, the controller starts the brewing sequence automatically. The pump can be stopped at any time by pressing the ">" key a second time. This feature allows you to operate the brew pump manually, with the timer as a reference. Users can also bypass the timer to use the switch on the machine for manual control of the brewing process.


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