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“Barista is a basket made to improve the taste of your well researched/expensive beans.”

The shape of the basket is one of the most commonly used and became popular few years ago. The word precision, in relation to filters, is in reference to the consistency shape and size of the holes. At first, this was something that had never seen before and I decided to buy the whole set. They looked beautiful with the polished finish and fine holes, but there were something missing… When I tasted the espresso it was flat, not developing enough roundness and complexity from the tip of the tongue till mid tongue. It was metallic and a little astringent. I thought… probably I had made a horrible shot, so I tried again with different techniques.

I was finally able to pull a good shot but I noticed that the astringency and flattness continued to remain a constant factor.

The problem lies in the dimension, shape of the holes and material used for the basket which is sensitive to a magnet (meaning that it is produced from a lower quality of steel). The holes are too small, creating a back-pressure during the pre infusion and the extraction, filtering the coffee too much.

Many companies advertise that their reduce sediment and still have a consistent extraction even with a wide range of concentration. This means that it is filtering too much. The holes are too close to the edge of the filter, increasing the chance of channeling and spraying. It was time to create a filter that, “improves taste”.

With Barista filter I was able to bring more flavor and roundness to the cup.


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