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CERINI Espresso Descaler Powder - 30g Bags (1.05 oz)

CERINI Espresso Descaler Powder - 30g Bags (1.05 oz)

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  • Safe on all Espresso Machines.
  • Instructions: Mix 1 Bag (30g) of Descaler with 1 Liter of Water. 
    Then follow instructions for your equipment. 

  • Descaling is the key for long lasting espresso machines!
    • Non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe descaler.
    • For fast and effective descaling of boilers and heating elements.
    • Can also be used to maintain faucets, spray heads, and milk systems.
  • Note: It is recommended that you use this product every three months for all espresso machines. If your machine has a descaler indicator, you may descale when the indicator appears. If your indicator takes longer than 3 months, it is recommended that you descale every 3 months.

    Descaling your espresso machine will keep your coffee tasting great and will protect your machine for lime scale related issues.

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  • Can I use this for Nespresso machine?

    Yes, it can safely be used on all espresso machines and coffee makers.

  • Is this product recommended for Olympia Cremina 67 machines?

    Yes, you can use it safely on all coffee makers.  Use one 30g bag of descaler per 1 quart of water.   

    If you are trying to resolve an issue or have a very bad calcium issue, you can double the dose to 2 bags per 1 quart of water.